MG TF 2008 vs 2005

(Translation and expansion of the original article by Keith Adams and Clive Goldthorp)

One of the last TF135 in 2005 compared to the new MG TF LE500 have compared to see which has been genuine progress in the past three years.

The Editor of news of AROnline, Clive Goldthorp, is led his MG TF135 to Longbridge for compare and to respond to that question:

a Chinese copy or simply an improved original?

Find the differences: actually, there are very few that you can see.

There are a lot of comments regarding the Mazda MX5 when speaking of the of the new MG TF LE500. Comments like “Oh, the new TF has to beat the Mazda”. Mazda is a great mark against which go, even now that not is it more large nor the best and that his model (that will return to change of face soon) has an appearance outdated. Not are safe, of all modes, of which the objective of the new TF is that: beat to the MX5. By much that Gary Hagen, of MAC MG UK, we say, the enthusiasts of MG know that the TF is a proposed well different to it of the successful Japanese.

It is what we think it would be more relevant to compare the TF LE500 with one of the last TF who came out of the production line in 2005 to see if NAC in Longbridge is capable of producing a better car than that MG Rover was. Our TF135 of 2005 belongs to Clive Goldthorp, a vehicle with 7000 miles on its odometer and that practically is in them same conditions that when came out of the line of production makes something more than three years.

Released in 2002, the conversion to traditional suspension of the MG F of 2005 was a good model for MG Rover. With some sales razonablementes good during them years of it address of Phoenix, the TF is placed to itself same in the cima of the popularity of them roadsters tandem combining good appearance, price demure and the brand of the Octagon, ensuring that them buyers would trust in the product of Longbrigde. It was far from perfect, but the slight modifications of 2005 did enough for cure to the model of its defects. If you see a late TF with glass rear window, also can expect to have a suspension more competent.

The first thing that impresses me about the new car is the immense improvement in manufacturing quality: you open the door, climb and the door closes with a “clunk” very different from the “clang” of the TF of MG Rover. It’s something very trivial but, in terms of perception, it is a big difference.

There is no doubt for anyone who frequents AROnline that, at some point, has been looking for a TF. There is something in them that is difficult of resist: invitingly cheap and the choice British of the know do.

And we wanted to see if the new TF had the same “factor x” that the old. And who better than Clive to compare both models? “the first thing that struck me the new car is the improvement of the quality of manufacture and Assembly.” There is a sense of uniformity in the way in which all the pieces fit together in NAC TF Although everything looks equal. NAC MG UK has managed somehow to make everything look better assembled.

We have described in the driving test as new TF behaves, but Clive continues to find improvements in quality between the lines: “TF LE500 seems more rigid and has even less”crickets”to my TF135”. Some also: Although our car has just less than 4000 miles more than the test, there is a distinctive feeling of solidity on the old TF. It much that is has reduced the noise inside is should perhaps to the best mounting or the suspension better balanced, but is soon to discuss it. Of all modes, according to Clive: “the fine adjustment that is has made to the suspension of the LE500 to install them rims of 16 inch seems that has enhanced the comfort of March.”

Clive added: “the clutch seems harder, but on the other hand, this test LE500 has made very few less miles on my TF. The unit of A/C committed a little the space for them legs, but by my height have some legs something more long that the media. Anyway, given the high level of equipment, are very minor problems.”

Externally, the new car paint and quality levels in general seem to have remarkably improved although, according to the head of corporate communications of NAC MG, Eleonora De La Haye said: “a high standard of installation is something we have always been working and that, certainly, we take very seriously.”

We will leave the final words to Clive: “TF LE500 is speaking on grosso mode, a better and stronger product that my TF made by MG ROver, inspires more confidence so much driving to the future of the brand.”